The mentorship program aspires to bring together young professionals and students with Edmonton’s business, political and community leaders to build relationships, create networks and develop personal and professional skills. Interested protégés will sign up for the program and get a chance to meet many experienced mentors and be matched with one.  The program is offered in the spring and the fall each year.

The Mentorship Program takes the following format:

– 15 mentors are introduced to 15 protégés at our pairing event.

– Prep sheets, promo material and an event program with mentor and protégé bios will be sent to you before the pairing event.

– At the pairing event, mentors and protégés will discuss their goals and expectations for the program in fifteen 5-minute conversations.

– At the end of the event, mentors and protégés rank their choices and interVivos will use that information to make the final pairings.

– Mentors and protégés agree to meet a minimum of three times over the six-month program.

– Protégés pay a small fee to participate in the program, the proceeds from which go to covering event, administration and marketing costs of the program. Mentors are not paid or charged for their participation.

– This program is primarily the responsibility of both the mentors and protégés to keep in contact and stay on track of goals and desired outcomes. interVivos will, however, be there to check in periodically with the participants to provide support and gather feedback.

Summer 2019 Mentors

Fall 2018 Mentors

Spring 2018 Mentors

Fall 2017 Mentors

If you have questions, is always happy to receive them! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.