interVivos and our community rely on the small businesses at the heart of them. 2020 has been a tumultuous time for our small businesses with the impacts of COVID-19. 

Small businesses provide character and individuality to a community. They benefit their local communities in many concrete, quantifiable ways. Specifically, if you spend $100 at a local business, roughly $68 stays within the local economy.

Effective Dec. 13, some businesses will be required to close, reduce capacity, or limit their in-person access. These small businesses need our support more than ever as they’ve to pivot. Buy gift cards for friends and family, buy gift cards for your use in the spring, purchase packages and kit, write positive social media reviews, like their social media posts, post about them on your Instagram stories, access their curbside offerings, get delivery, etc.

During the Fall 2020 mentorship program launch, participants shared their favourite local business names. Check out the list below. You might discover a new gem in your backyard that you can support during the holiday season in 2020 and in 2021! We have also included our remarkable Fall 2020 program sponsors in this list. The interVivos board has even added their picks.

Remember to continue practicing safe social distancing, frequent hand washing, and following the guidelines put in place to keep everyone safe. 


Restaurants and Cafes

Other Amazing Businesses